Whether you are just looking to replenish your spice rack of the essentials or you are looking for new flavors, here is some of the most popular choice of our exclusive selection.
Zaatar Extra Jordanian jar

Zaatar Extra Jordanian

USD $ 7.75
Sale Thai Seven Spices jar

Thai Seven Spices

USD $ 8.75 USD $ 5.93
Taco Seasoning jar

Taco Seasoning

USD $ 8.00
Sale Steak Spices Royal jar

Steak Spices Royal

USD $ 8.00 USD $ 5.56


A spice affair

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Rich nutritional benefits, low glycemic index or help maintain a healthy weight, these are just a few health benefits of our ancient grains.
Sale Organic Tricolor Quinoa Stand-Up Resealable Pouch

Organic Tricolor Quinoa

USD $ 14.75 USD $ 11.13
Sale Organic Hemp Stand-Up Resealable Pouch

Organic Hemp

USD $ 20.00 USD $ 14.85
Sale Organic Black Chia Seeds Stand-Up Resealable Pouch

Organic Black Chia Seeds

USD $ 14.00 USD $ 9.65
Sale Organic Amaranth Stand-Up Resealable Pouch

Organic Amaranth

USD $ 10.50 USD $ 7.42
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