a spice affair fall
Spice affair

How to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

Pumpkins party. Decorate your dreamy kitchen with hay and white pumpkins and make everything super chic for fall.

a spice affair fall

Faux Fur. Featuring faux fur in your home is a glamorous way to warm up a room or sitting area.


Make pumpkin jars. Instead of fruits, for fall decorate big jars with colorful or white pumpkins.

Light it up. Arranging candles into bundles or even spacing them out throughout a room is a way to create warm lighting that’s not overbearing.

Simmer a pot.It’s just not autumn without pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and apple scents.A bounty of aromatics (like apple slices, cinnamon sticks, and cloves) waft through your entire home when you warm them in water on the stove

Vintage. Old books with a soft fall palette add some character to the setting.


Add a fall centerpiece. If you have a big dining space in your kitchen add some beautiful fall flower in this season’s dreamy shades.


Hang a garland. Dried orange slices, balanced by bay leaves and cinnamon sticks, look lovely strung up on a fireplace and smell wonderfully sweet.


Throw blankets. This fall, venture on the side of heavier knits and textures when comes to area rugs. Play with fringe, bold patterns or even animal prints.



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